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The Hottest, Newest, Medical apparatus on the market, get yours today... The Original ColeJoint by MedCrutch

Buy OnlineThe COLEJOINT was designed to improve the quality of life for physically challenged individuals and to make their life a bit easier when one must use crutches. You have received Doctor's orders and heard their recommendations for getting back to a healthy and mobile life. The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons confirms and supports the orders and recommendations your physician has given you.

Providing the injured individual with accessories designed to aid healing can make a significant difference in his ability to recover. Even when fitted with a cast, many individuals cannot simply "park" themselves in a chair for the 6 to 8 weeks required to recover for a fracture, surgery or another injury or condition. Crutches are designed to aid in mobility but provide no means of resting or elevating the limb. Casts are heavy, and moving about with a full leg cast can be tiring and cumbersome. With the COLEJOINT, the weight of the cast is fully supported during rest. By providing the individual with a greater degree of convenience and flexibility, they would subsequently enjoy a greater degree of mobility.

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