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U.S. Patent number 5,735,303

HomeHomeA sudden twisting of the leg pinches the meniscus between the femur and tibia and causes the cartilage to split and tear. This type of injury can be caused during a football tackle, a bad landing after a jump shot in basketball, or a sharp turn on the tennis court. The injury can also develop gradually, the cumulative result of many small, unnoticed insults to it over the years. Finally the damage becomes great enough to cause symptoms. A trip to the doctor might result in the diagnosis of a need to use crutches.

For most injuries to the legs, feet, ankles, or knees, the prescribed treatment is rest and elevation during recovery. This reduces pressure on the limb, particularly those fitted with a cast. In addition, elevation reduces swelling and can accelerate the healing process.

For individuals using crutches, finding a place to store the crutches during rest is cumbersome enough. Finding a place to elevate the leg can be nearly impossible. MedCrutch has designed a device that could secure directly to the crutch, transforming that mobility aid into a supportive platform upon which to rest and elevate the leg.

Produced of the same tubular aluminum used in the production of crutches, this triangular base attachment would secure directly to the crutch by screwing to the lower crutch leg. The crutch would rest in a horizontal position with the arm padding secured on the surface of a chair, bench, etc. The attached base would be appropriately sized to support the weight of the crutch with the added weight of the limb when rested atop the crutch surface.

The COLEJOINT would be quickly set up as needed. When at the office, outdoors, at a sporting event, or in any area where the individual can be seated, the COLEJOINT would support the crutch that would subsequently support the limb. The individual could rest and elevate the foot, ankle, leg, or knee in a fully supported position. The COLEJOINT would be lightweight, thereby making transport easy to accomplish.

The height of the COLEJOINT could be fully adjustable, allowing the user to set a position that provides ultimate comfort and results.